1. Flamingos eat upside down in the water, turn their necks
  2. Airforce 1 (the plane US president flies flies on) has 1440 takeoffs and 1439 landings, Airforce 1 has never crashed tho… The name changed when Ragean was sworn in, while aircraft name was changed mid-flight because it no longer has the president in it.
  3. If you hit a wall at 35mph you have a 50/50 of surviving
  4. US Intersatetes: Odd numbers mean they run North-South (ie. I-87) and the number means how much U.S. land mass there is to the left. Even number mean they run East-West (ie. I-90) and the number means how much U.S. land mass there is below it.
  5. If you eat a whole polar bear liver, your skin will start to peal and fall off
  6. Tip stands for To Insure Promptness
  7. Florida does not accept lisence points from other states during a violation
  8. Baby carrots aren't really baby carrots, they are adult carrots that get sliced into baby carrots
  9. All the digital informaiton in the world/internet weighs about a tennis ball, because Electrons mass = 9.10938371 E-31 kg.
  10. Hippopotamus milk is pink
  11. From the time Pluto was discovered until the time it was demoted from planetnood. It still hadn't competed one revolution around the sun
  12. They played golf on the moon one time
  13. Most of the Apollo mission glass is made in Corning, NY
  14. If you take a picture of your food in Germany, the chef legally owns the rights to that image
  15. The only letter that doesn’t appear on the periodic table is J
  16. May 29 is officially “Put a Pillow on Your Fridge Day”
  17. Bananas are curved because they grow towards the sun
  18. If Pinocchio said, “My Nose Will Grow Now,” it would create a paradox